Academy of Ambitious Artist expresses its respect to you and wishes you and your team further development in creativity and business.
We are called to promote peace and unity of all countries, religions and nationalities, create an alliance of creative people and art lovers through the creation of international cultural initiatives.

Members of the Advisory Council of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) analyzed a large number of projects in creativity and came to the conclusion that the Academy of Ambitious Artist project is one of the most promising in the field of international culture and modern art.
Academy of Ambitious Artists makes a contribution to the unification of creative people of different countries, creating a single creative space.

We solve the following tasks:

• To attract public attention to issues of cultural development throughout the world.
• To build a cultural dialogue and interaction between the countries, whose work is represented on the Project.
• Achieve high results in the promotion of modern creative people
• Forming an assessment of contemporary works of art.
• Formation of the rating of contemporary creative personalities.
Solving problems occurs by:
• Training in the field of Art Management (how to open your work of art to the general public);
• PR training (development of own PR campaign);
• Training in working with Mass Media (how the media helps to become famous);
• Training monetization of creativity;
• Organization of personal and international exhibitions and tours;
• Development of the concept of creative activities;
• Developing a strategy for developing a personal brand;
• Carrying out activities for creative people, communities, galleries;
• Evaluation of art objects (determining the starting price of your work of art);
• Publications on the official website of the project and on the sites of information partners;
• Inclusion in the rating system of the Eurasian Creative Guild.

Art forms in man its value orientations. First of all, it concerns children, but this formation continues throughout the life of a person. After all, the complex of our values is a complex structure, deeply embedded in the consciousness of a network of associations, which is adjusted throughout life.