History of Art – one of the most important branches of science. This story goes back to the very origins of human civilization. Being created ‘in the image and likeness “of his Creator, man since the dawn of civilization exhibited outstanding creativity. Rock carvings, ornaments, jewelery, folklore, the first musical instruments …

The project «Academy оf Ambitious Artists», we will leave its mark in the history of culture and art between countries, opening their tour in two of the most beautiful cities of the world: Astana (capital of Kazakhstan) and Barcelona (one of the most beautiful cities in Spain). Because of this, we combine Europe and Asia in a single creative impulse!

February 5 will open the door exhibition of paintings by artists who became winners of our exhibition «Academy оf Ambitious Artists» in Astana, in the largest Asian Galleries «The Artline Astana».
Astana As a flower has grown and flourished in the midst of the sultry steppe. A small provincial town of the 90s just for some ten years, has become a cutting-edge new capital of independent Kazakhstan.

March 1, our tour will lead all in the most beautiful city in Spain, Barcelona, ​​in the territory of one of the largest jewelry centers- The Diamond Palace.
Proud beautiful Barcelona, ​​beautiful in their elegant and bold features – the main symbol of the capital of Catalonia, a real jewel of tourism in Spain. Rich in history, the magnificent sights, delicious cuisine and unique atmosphere make the journey to Barcelona vivid and memorable. City impregnated with the spirit of freedom, carelessness and freedom, simply can not remain indifferent – having been here once, you want to return again and again. Again, walk on the Ramblas, a little Poglazov to clown around mimes, visit the ancient Boqueria market and buy something refreshingly useless to climb the statue of Columbus and enjoy a beautiful view of the harbor and the endless sea – but you never know there is a reason to re-visit this wonderful city!


At the end of our creative tour International Auction on March 7 live broadcast, you can look at the website of our media partner “Dobrye vesti”.

We are waiting for you!