Lyudmila Ekzarkhova.
Experience in journalism for over 15 years.
From award – winning the competition for coverage of human rights.

Actively participated in the coverage and promotion of the rights of trade unions and workers’ rights. She took part in the international campaign “Decisions for Life” held by the International Trade Union Confederation, as a result – the ratification of the Convention №183 “On Maternity Protection”.

While working as a journalist, were established in 2005 documentary “Public monitoring of the prison system in Kazakhstan,” commissioned “the PRI MOO” in Central Asia.

In 2009, with support from the Global Fund BBC BBC (BBC World Service Trust) in the framework of the project – “Media Mobilization in support of the rights of women and children in Central Asia”, the documentary film “Kids fun” was created, which took second place in Kazakhstan and entered into a series of documentary films “Tears on the Silk Road.” Authors of the film: Gulim Amirkhanova, Dmitry Kim, Lyudmila Ekzarhova.

In 2016 the documentary “Living with MPS.

Editor of social media portal “Dobrye vesti” Here the news without politics, crime and negativity. Now this issue only becomes relevant, I am sure that the good news will be in the trend. People are starting to get tired of the negative and aggressive media.

Since 2013, the portal is the general information partner of the youth [NOT] ZhasCamp conference.

Portal in 2015 was nominated to the winner of the award “Altyn Zhuldyz” in the category INFORMATION BLAGOVTORITEL.

In 2015 the portal “Good News” was the general information partner of lectures internationally renowned designer Karim Rashid (USA) with the theme – “THE IMPORTANCE OF DESIGN IN THE ERA GLOBALLIZATSII”