Zhibek Karamanov – organizer of the International Art Business Keremet Conference founder KEREMET Holding, to provide legal services, support of various transactions and services in the field of strategic brand management and management consulting, and KEREMET Art Project.
Zhibek has over 10 years of experience in large law firms in Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as a leading investment company in Central Asia. A graduate of the Kazakh Humanitarian Law University in Almaty (international law), Queen Mary University in London (Master in International Business Law) and Lehigh University in the USA (the marketing and business management). Arbitrator of the International Arbitration Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan NPP. Member of the International Bar Association. Currently he is working on the development of amendments to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Culture” and others relating to the issue of by-laws.
Why I wanted to participate:
“I have great pleasure to respond to the invitation to participate in the project as a co-organizer and partner, as The project carries a number of goals that will have a positive impact directly on many of the project participants. Firstly, the international jury selected works – is respected in each of its sectors of people with a good sense of taste and understanding in the field of art. Secondly, the fact that the participants are nominated by their works at the exhibition, can be from any country, which makes the project of the International. Third, an international auction, with the result that the work can be purchased by auction participants, provide a great opportunity to artists to make their mark in the collections of collectors from other countries, and it is – the additional promotion and advertising of the artist, which is not always known abroad. Due to the fact that the organizers of Kazakhstan, of course, we expect most of the works submitted for the competition, from Kazakhstan, due to which we invite all artists to be proactive and send the application for participation in the exhibition. Give the world the opportunity to admire your masterpieces! “