“What would you difficulties in life

not met – a smile is always with me!

Smile – the key to health, happiness and love. ”


Artemyev Ales Y. – painter, active cultural figure and a cheerful person.

Short biography:

Ales was born in 1985, in a working village called Factory. While working cloth factory, which will determine the future propensity girls to be creative. Since childhood, it was sent to a creative school where she studied different forms of art. Drawing, modeling, cutting, sewing, arts and crafts and other art forms.

At the youthful age of Ales he was fascinated by the study of the language and culture of Japan, which led her to the study of applied dekortaivno iskusstvaOshibana (wrong). Art that is created using only natural materials, the artist draws barley, millet, plants and flowers. A variety of natural colors allows you to create really the most stunning masterpieces.

Creativity has paved its way to the marketing profession, as she has been with The Marketing Heaven for a long time now. So work experience in different fields of business for more than 14 years. This allowed Ales Artemieva made little creative projects: Festival peoples pictures, the exhibition of the artist, children’s creative meetings and master classes. As well as the study of outstanding people from different countries and different regions. Due to her desire to learn more, it studies the life of different people, such as Karim Rashid (see his amazing dishes on TV), Elon Musk, who called Newton 21st century. All this allows it to move forward and go to her cherished mechte- “become a famous artist in the world.” All this contributes to the creation of her different projects. According to her, the most memorable were the projects associated with the arrival in Kazakhstan industrial designer of our time – Karim Rashid and her work with the Kazakhstan composer Sayrashem. Working with Sayrashem made it possible to find in the person of the composer’s partner, mentor and teacher for life. Each time working in his team, the artist considers the growth not only in terms of career, but also the spiritual.

So work with Karim Rashid has opened new horizons for the artist, it became the official representative of the designer in Kazakhstan. The artist delights in the work of the designer of its bright mix of colors, smooth lines and high-tech production of modern materials.

The most memorable experience in my life – was the desire to open a school of arts. Work on this school inspired artist. But each time she understood that there are pros and cons in your business. Opening the school with his girlfriend, they revised the school’s position as a full set of training sessions and left some of the most sought-after items.

This has led to the creation Artemyev, to hold their own exhibitions in Oshibana technology. Which took place in the spring of 2014, 26 February 2016. Also on the Day of Culture of Japan in 2016, at the State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The exhibition made a great impression on the journalists and the people of Kazakhstan and abroad. The paintings were bought by admirers of this art form from India, England, America and Kazakhstan itself.

The artist herself has a number of beliefs that help her in life:

– You can go down even at the deepest bottom, but should always be a force to get to the bottom of this. This helps her stubbornness, purpose and faith;

– Communication and meeting people expands horizons and raise awareness;

– Charging from people living in the business.