Welcome to the elimination round, dear participants.

International Exhibition «Academy of Ambitions Artists», is pleased to invite you to participate in a creative tour of 2016-2017’s.
February 5, 2017 will open the door exhibition of paintings by artists that are based on the results of the contest will be awarded to our exhibition “Academy of Ambitious Artists” in Astana, in the largest Asian Galleries “The Artline Astana”.
March 1, 2017 our tour will lead all in the most beautiful city in Spain, Barcelona. Exhibit space will be one of the largest jewelry centers- The Diamond Palace.
On the start of the creative tour-2017, as well as all information about the project and the winners will be announced at a press conference in January 2017 in the city of Almaty.

At the end of our tour in Barcelona creativity will be held March 7 international auction, a live broadcast, you can look at the website of our media partner Dobrye vesti.

The project «Academy of Ambitious Artists», we will leave its mark in the history of art and the development of international culture.

The main goals and objectives of our project:
  1. Attracting public attention to cultural development for the preservation of cultural heritage and the role of culture in the world;
  2. To achieve good results in the promotion of modern creative people;
  3. Formation of “Assessment of modern art”;
  4. Creating a mass of information events for international media;
  5. Create a platform for ART – agents for the purpose of realization of contemporary art;
  6. Create PR- campaign to raise awareness of the exhibitors;
  7. Involvement of independent professional valuers;

On our international creative tour can be presented creative works, made in different styles and techniques of execution

NOTE! Information for participants.

  1. The international creative tour can take part in works of authorship, made in different genres and techniques. Each author has the right to give to the project two works. The bulk of the work (sculptures, installations, jewelery, etc.) To participate in the competition are not allowed.
  2.  Participation in the competition is held only by a completed online application zayavku.Vse project participants are automatically saved on the website of the Organizing Committee and will pass all stages of the competitive selection.
  3. In the case of competitive works will be approved by the members of the jury, they are guaranteed to be included in the electronic catalog of the official website projektai “Gallery” section, as well as published in social networks and groups: Facebook, Twiter, painting come to the site.
  4.  After selecting the paintings, the artist within 10 working days are required to send proof of delivery of the works organizers. (050000, Kazakhstan, Almaty town Zhandosova 69/110, Artemyeva Alessya E-mail: mab85@mail.ru Tel +7 707 741 49 49.). The sending of pictures is referred to as cost of free, not to be taxed for the delivery of the paintings (taxes for the delivery of the paintings, as paid by the artist).

4.1.   Transportation paintings, the artist pays. In connection with air transportation items, there is a need to optimize their overall weight and size. work should not exceed 80×100 cm. In addition, in accordance with the technical requirements of the Organizing Committee, exhibits weight should not exceed 350 g, including packaging. The works will be sent without frames..

All selected works will go on tour and will be presented at exhibitions in Kazakhstan (Astana) and Spain (Barcelona).

At the end of the tour in 2017 all works will participate in the auction. Author sold paintings will receive 10% (including taxes).

Dates of work before 1, 2017!

Before the end of the reception of work remains: