This week in Almaty, the Academy of Ambitious Artist project started – an international tour and an exhibition of talented contemporary artists from different countries. The organizer is Alesya Artemieva, as an artist she told about the subtle things of art, and as a cultural figure shared the mission of the project informs the social portal Dobrye Vesti.

Артемьева АлесяJust a few hours to the attention of creative people and art lovers in Almaty, 22 paintings by contemporary artists from different countries were presented. Those who failed to become a witness of the past exhibition can try their luck in Astana, where more than 60 works will be exhibited in the largest gallery of Asia Artline Astana from 5 to 15 February. And everyone can get acquainted with the perception of the world of artists from different corners of the globe: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Guinea, India and Africa.

Артемьева Алеся

The main exhibition will be held in Kazakhstan, after, all the works will go to Barcelona, where they will also be covered in Europe. After all, this is an international project, which was approved by the Eurasian Creative Guild and a project in London.


One of the main tasks is to help contemporary artists become famous in different countries.

The artist of the ancient Japanese technique Oshibana, the organizer of the project Academy of Ambitious Artist – Alesya Artemieva: “Working with creative people, I often face problems when they do not know and, above all, afraid to put their work on the general review. Both in Kazakhstan and outside it there are questions: how to organize everything correctly? What kind of people to invite? How to work with journalists and other creative people? Therefore, the term “ambitious” is used in the title, because a creative person should not close in his world, he should tell about his world. And I would like to see in this project the work of those people who really want to achieve something in life. And there are two phrases that exist in our world: “A hungry artist is a talented artist” and “a famous artist is a posthumous artist”, so I would like to eradicate this opinion, because any work should be paid for and recognized. ”

16252450_880846592057730_5374238407813758222_oThe beginning of the project in Kazakhstan is designed to raise the culture, tell about the country and show our art to others. Through this dialogue, the organizers plan to create a platform for acquaintance and communication of creative people.
Артемьева АлесяThe invited experts spoke about the problems that arise today in the field of contemporary art. The emphasis was on the assessment methodology, which is not yet approved in the world or in Kazakhstan.
15455435436Appraiser, amateur artist – Evgenia Lomakina: “More or less developed technology assessment with sculptures. But as for modern art, especially electronic installations and not only, the classical coefficients and material costs do not work here. And it’s very difficult. And for my part, I strive to find a way of qualitative assessment within the framework of this project, to help both artists and patrons or museums “.

Sometimes there are cases when projects are judged by weight. For example, five-meter iron installation, where weight was one of the main criteria, and then the artist’s popularity, time spent, and so on. If the old school has a certain grid, according to which the evaluator works, then modern artists are not yet part of it, because their popularity is only beginning to manifest. Therefore, often underestimation or reassessment of creativity.


To gain popularity and popularity to contemporary artists, sculptors, writers, musicians and not only the Eurasian Creative Guild helps. They create events and inform the creative person about it, they tell about it in all countries where they happen. This gives an opportunity to reveal potential, interact with other creative people, provide and accept mutual assistance.

The artist of the ancient Japanese technique Oshibana, the organizer of the project Academy of Ambitious Artist – Alesya Artemieva: “Without PR, no one will ever become famous. And this is primarily an acquaintance with other people and the opportunity to exhibit in other countries. ”

Author: Yana Luhneva